Before and After 5 Wine Glass | Coffee Mug

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Before and After 5 Wine Glass | Coffee Mug is a combination wine glass and coffee mug that you can use before and after 5. Look no further than this combo coffee mug and wine glass for your before 5 and after 5 needs. This unique piece of glassware can be used in the office during a sluggish day and then taken home for that much needed relaxing glass of wine, simply with a flip of the cup.The only glass you need for the day, the glass coffee mug can hold approximately 12 ounces and is printed with “Before 5” while the stemmed wine glass can hold approximately 8 ounces and declares that it is finally “After 5”. Crafted from durable glass, it is easy to use and even easier to clean. This combination glass measures 9” x 4.5” x 4.5”.

Before & After 5 Wine Glass Features:

  • Unique coffee mug and wine glass hybrid
  • Crafted from durable glass
  • Printed with clever Before 5/After 5 text
  • Coffee mug holds 12 oz while wine glass holds 8 oz

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