Blind Wine Tasting Kit with 8 Wine Bottle Covers

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Blind Wine Tasting Kit with 8 Wine Bottle Covers is an all inclusive blind wine tasting kit for a wine tasting and includes eight wine bottle covers boldly printed with numbers 1 through 8 as well as wine tasting scoring cards. For a blind wine tasting, select up to eight wines and conceal them in the bottle bags, each with a number. Once the wine bottles have been tasted and scored, removing the bags could reveal a new favorite wine.

The Professional Blind Wine Tasting Kit Includes:
  • 8 black polyester wine bottle bags with velcro straps that go around each bottle neck
  • reproducible blind wine tasting scoring card with wine sensory chart on the reverse side
  • 600 denier polyester storage pouch (9” X 12”) with zipper to store the bottle covers
  • each sack is 13-1/4” high.