Bubble Bottle Pack for Wine Travel

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Bubble Bottle Pack for Wine Travel is a liquid-tight plastic bubble bottle wrap pack that protects a single wine bottle of wine when you travel. Air filled bubbles protect your wine bottle in a suitcase while a sticky seal keeps any spill contained. Grab & go handles on the Bubble Bottle Pack make it easy to tote and a cinch to open. Bubble Bottle Pack for Wine Travel is the safe, easy way to transport a bottle of wine in your suitcase when you travel. Every traveler will want to keep a supply on hand! So don't leave your wine behind next time you hop on a plane, your car or go on a cruise.
  • Securely fits a wine or champagne bottle.
  • Includes handle for enhanced portability
  • Adhesive and bag design prevent spillage
  • Plastic air bubbles protect wine bottles

Bubble Bottle Packs can be imprinted. Minimum order is 100 - Bubble Bottle Pack for Wine Travel with Custom Imprint