Cancer Hope Wine Glass Woozie

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Cancer Hope Wine Glass Woozie is a neoprene sleeve to insulate your wine glass and keep wine chilled. The Cancer Hope Wine Glass Woozie provides words of support - Dream, Never Give Up, Peace Friends, Hope to anyone who has battled cancer! The Woozie Wine Glass sleeve is stretchable, washable, foldable and reusable. A Woozie fits most mid-sized red and all white wine glasses with stems. With a Woozie there is no more warm wine to tolerate or wet glass to hold. Woozies are the perfect answer for your white or red wine...keeps the temperature constant summer or winter, inside or outside. Pair it with a Woozie Hangover - a strap that goes around your neck and attaches to a Woozie to hold a wine glass for hands free wine drinking.