Cat Wine Bottle Holder

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The Cat Wine Bottle Holder is metal wine bottle holder depicting a cat with whiskers and a long tail that wraps around a wine bottle. The Cat Wine Bottle Holder is a purrfect gift for the cat loving wine drinker. H & K wine bottle holders are individually handcrafted and welded from recycled steel. Wine bottles complete the sculpture structure by providing the body and neck. These metal sculpture collections are designed by American artists in collaboration with European craftsmen to reflect American taste and culture. This collaboration results in the Cat Wine Bottle Holder, a truly unique piece of art, and wonderful gift.

All wine bottle holders represented are individually handcrafted and will vary in shape and color. Please note that due to the handmade nature of these items minor changes are made by the artist's discretion resulting in slight variations from the image displayed. The Cat Wine Bottle Holder is original and protected under U.S. copyright laws.

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