Chardonnay Wine Bottle Candle

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The Chardonnay Wine Bottle Candle is a candle handmade from a re-purposed wine bottle using Chardonnay wine scents and natural soy wax. The Chardonnay Wine Bottle Scented Candle smells just like a glass of your favorite Chardonnay and has a real cork top that can be used as a coaster. The Chardonnay Wine Scented Candle comes in a gift box.

Each Chardonnay Wine Scented Candle is:
  • 14 oz of natural soy wax
  • 100+ hours of burn time
  • Perfectly smooth & safe edges
  • Real custom cork tops that can be used as coasters
  • Gift boxing of every candle
  • Unique, accurate chardonnay scent for the wine candle
  • Container made from a re-purposed wine bottle
Made in the USA.