Chill Aerator | Wine Aerator, Chiller, Pourer

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Chill Aerator | Wine Aerator, Chiller, Pourer is a combination wine aerator, wine chiller and pourer. The Chill Aerator is an in bottle wine chiller, aerator and pourer that keeps wine chilled using a freezable food safe stainless steel rod. This Freezable Wine Bottle Chiller & Aerator Rod can keep wine chilled for up to an hour or you can use it to lower red wine to the perfect drinking temperature. The Chill Aerator will stay secure in the bottle with its built-in silicone cork. To aerate, simply pour through the Chill Aerator without removing it from the bottle! ChillAerator is the most advanced method of pouring the perfect glass of wine, right when you want it, without decanting time, without an ice bucket or making a mess. It’s also dishwasher safe - wash and freeze to reuse! This one is purple.

- Keeps wine chilled in the wine bottle and aerates as you pour
- in bottle wine chiller, aerator and pourer
- Great for keeping wine chilled tableside

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