Eisch Champagne Flute | Superior Sensis Plus

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Eisch Champagne Flute | Superior Sensis Plus is a breathable lead free crystal champagne flute by Eisch that brings out the best in champagne. The Superior Sensis Plus Champagne Flute from Eisch features advanced pulled stem technology which guarantees high durability with thin and light quality. The Eisch Champagne Flute Superior Sensis Plus is perfect for the serious wine drinker or any budding enthusiast and makes a great wedding or house warming gift.

After the manufacturing process, the Eisch glasses undergo an extensive oxygenizing treatment to impart every Sensis Plus Glass with unique, wine enhancing properties. This innovative technology allows wines to actually breathe through the glass, speeding up the process of aeration. In only 2-4 minutes these flutes allow the individual aroma and bouquet of your vintage to fully develop. Eisch Superior Sensis Plus Champagne Flutes are robotic made one piece flutes with a pulled stem, hold 9.8 ounces and are dishwasher safe. It comes in a gift tube.

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