Flip Wine Aerator Canteen

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The Flip Wine Aerator Canteen is a full bottle wine aerator and canteen. Fill the canteen with wine, flip the canteen and pour the wine from the canteen. The Flip Wine Aerator also serves as wine canteen that is safe for travel. With no glass, the Flip Aeration Wine Aerator is a light and leak proof wine carrier. With the Flip Wine Aerator a bottle of wine is aerated when poured into the stainless steel decanter and flipped, then flipped back using the trapped 250 ml of air to produce instant taste results. Serving wine from this canteen is perfect with its mesh sediment screen and fine tuned pouring lip. The 18/8 stainless steel will not affect the taste of the wine. With the Flip Aeration Wine Aerator, wine is kept at constant temperature in the neoprene case that doubles as a wine bottle tote. Take your wine anywhere!
Wine Aerator Directions: Pour the bottle into the one liter Flip Wine Aerator and the wine rides down the sides of the flask through the wine funnel. Twist on the leak tight top and invert. The mini bubbles sound like a rain stick. Flip it back and the bubbles reverse through the wine to complete aeration. Remove the top and serve (or if you are a purist use a funnel to pour the wine back into the original bottle.) For travel or serving, the wine is kept at constant temperature in the neoprene case that doubles as a wine bottle tote. Tests show that the Flip/aeration Wine Aerator with its flipping decanter gives superior results for full aeration over all other devices or methods. Purists can then pour the wine into a glass decanter or you can pour from the canteen or pour the wine back into the bottle.