Freezer Gel Wine Tote | Blue

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Freezer Gel Wine Tote | Blue is both a wine chiller and an insulated tote. Put the Freezer Gel Wine Cooler Tote in the freezer for a few hours and it becomes a instant cooler for wine. The flexibility of the freezable Vino Chill Deluxe Wine Cooler Bag, with blue gel cells on all four sides and flexible tubular handles, will adapt to the shape of your wine bottle. The cooling pockets of the Gel Wine Cooler Bag keep your wine chilled and dry. No need to add ice or water so no mess. You can even serve the wine without removing the bottle from the bag! The Gel Wine Cooler Bag is small and light and will protect your bottle when you travel. Stands 10 inches tall, 3-1/2 inches wide on gusset.

Caution: Put in freezer for only a few hours before use. Do not store bag in the freezer. To prevent the possibility of tearing the bag, let bag relax and thaw for a few minutes at room temperature before opening.

The Freezer Gel Wine Tote can be imprinted with an event name and date or corporate logo. The minimum order for imprinting is 80 - Freezer Gel Wine Tote - Vino Chill Deluxe with Custom Imprint.  Specify color when ordering imprinted bags.