Freezer Wine Bag | Chill It Round Red

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The Freezer Wine Bag | Chill It Round Red is a round freezer wine bag with red gel cells that keeps a wine or champagne bottle chilled. Chill It round bags are stored in the freezer and insulate your wine bottle.  This freezable insulated wine chill bag turns into a mini ice pack and is stylistic and functional. The flexibility of the Chill It Wine Cooler Bag will adapt to the shape of your wine bottle. The red gel cooling pockets of the Freezer Wine Bag keep your wine bottle or champagne bottle chilled and dry. No need to add ice or water. You can even serve the wine without removing the bottle from the bag! The Gel Wine Cooler Bag is light and will protect your bottle when you travel. Festive for Christmas, Valentine's Day, Memorial Day or the 4th of July. Dimensions: 4 inches diameter by 12 inches tall.

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