High Heel Boot Cork Cage Cork Holder

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The High Heel Boot Cork Cage Cork Holder is a cork cage shaped like a high heel boot to hold your wine corks. And don't forget, this boot cork cage cork holder can hold a wine bottle inside as well, making it super special wine bottle holder for a gift of wine! Open the cork cage and drop each wine cork into the top of this unique High Heel Boot Cork Holder with pink ribbon laced up the back. But if pink clashes with your decor, don't worry. Included are three other ribbons that you can lace up with: a neutral champagne as well as green and burgundy. Give the High Heel Boot Cork Cage to your girlfriends or for Mother's Day - they'll never forget this clever present. The High Heel Boot Cork Cage is artfully sculpted metal work designed to look like a boot with a corks label and entwined colored glass spheres.

Dimensions: 5” x 7 3/4” x 14”
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