Invisibles Burgundy | Pinot Noir Crystal Wine Glasses

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Invisibles Burgundy | Pinot Noir Crystal Wine Glasses are set of 4 wine glasses designed for burgundy or pinot noir wines. Ravenscroft Invisibles Burgundy | Pinot Noir Wine Glasses are practically invisible and weightless and bring out the best of burgundy. Tactile and sensual, a Ravenscroft Invisibles wine glass is lead-free and whisper light. Ravenscroft Invisibles Burgundy/Pinot Noir wine glasses have a sheer rim providing a whistler-like mouth-feel experience, while the tight chimney and deep rounded bowl allows dense fruit-driven lower alcohol wine to concentrate their bouquet and immerse the senses in the most intense experience possible. Recommended for: Barbaresco, Burgundy, Grand Cru, Beaujolais, Nebbiolo and Pinot Noir. Set of four 25 ounce wine glasses.
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