Mega Wine Accessory Cleaning Kit

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This Mega Wine Accessory Cleaning Kit has everything you need to gently clean your prized wine glasses and wine decanter. This kit includes:

  • a wine glass drying rack that will hold 4 stemmed wine glasses
  • a sturdy and stylish wine decanter drying stand that allows air to circulate through your decanter while drying upside down
  • a set of two microfiber drying cloths to help absorb excess moisture and gently polish your glassware
  • a set of two decanter brushes which will reach to the bottom of your favorite wine decanter, cleaning any sediment and wine stains, and will also serve to gently clean your delicate narrow-mouthed stemware
  • wine decanter cleaning beads, which, when swirled gently inside your wine decanter, will help remove more stubborn stains

This cleaning kit is great to have on hand for casual use and also for busy holiday entertaining!

FREE SHIPPING in the continental US!