Vacuum Pump Wine Stopper

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Vacuum Pump Wine Stopper is a vacuum wine stopper that pumps out air from a wine bottle, creating a vacuum seal. The vacuum created by the Vacuum Pump Wine Stopper will save wine for a few days. This vacuum stopper is small and handy. Decorative bottle stoppers are nice to recork a wine bottle on your kitchen counter, but if you want to keep a bottle fresh for more than a few hours, this vacuum stopper is the perfect solution! The Vacuum Pump Wine Stopper makes a great gift for any wine lover.
  • Dual-purpose tool pumps out air to preserve wine and functions as a bottle stopper
  • Made of silicone, plastic and chrome
  • Combination item is great for kitchens and home bars with limited storage
  • Slow down the oxidation of your wine and enjoy another day
  • Great functional gift item for any wine enthusiast

FREE shipping in the continental US!