Vinogloww Wine Glass by HighWave

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Vinogloww Wine Glass by Highwave is an 8 ounce stemless insulated double-wall wine glass that pairs with your favorite wine, and the concave bottom on the Vinogloww Wine Glass casts a beautiful glow when under light. The Vinogloww Wine Glass is a hand-blown borosilicate wine glass that keeps your wine at the temperature you want it for longer—no sweat. This wine glass has the ability to go where other wine glasses dare not go… grass, sand or snow or a wild knock down social event. Thermal double wall borosilicate glass stays hot or colder longer than any other glassware, stoneware or porcelain. Filled with liquid and placed under a light, the concave base of the Vinogloww Wine Glass creates a unique glow. The Vinogloww is top rack dishwasher safe, and comes gift boxed. 

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