Wine and Roses Flip Flop Coasters

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The Wine and Roses Flip Flop Coasters are attachable flip flop wine glass coasters with rattan bases and faux leather straps topped with ivory satin roses. Slip a wearable Wine and Roses Flip Flop Coaster on a wine glass and it will protect your tabletop and identify your wine glass...with style. Designed by Carrie Olsen Garrard, the Wine and Roses Flip Flop Coasters make great party favors to dress up wine glasses or irresistible wedding favors. The Wine and Roses Flip Flop Coasters keep the coaster firmly attached to the foot of your wine glass while you wander and mingle around the pool, at an outdoor wedding, at the beach or at a fancy dinner.  Each coaster is approximately 4 1/2" long x 3 1/2" wide and is made of moisture resistant foam, rattan and fabric. Yes, they're wearable coasters... for the foot of your glass! The fun set of four Wine and Roses Flip Flop Coasters includes one of each design.
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