Wine Picnic Backpack with Drink Pour Spout

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Wine Picnic Backpack with Drink Pour Spout is a durable wine picnic backpack to make every picnic or camping outing more fun with its hidden drink pour spout and party pouch beverage reservoir. Wine Picnic Backpack with Drink Pour Spout is sure to liven up any occasion allowing you to easily transport and serve your wine or a beverage of choice. Wine Picnic Backpack with Pour Spout lets you inconspicuously store and pour up to 2 full bottles of wine or 1.5L of your favorite beverage! The secret weapon is the hidden, zippered, insulated compartment in the back to house the included party pouch so no one will ever know that you're carrying your favorite beverage inside (water of course - it's a backpack!). PortoVino Backpack with Pour Spout is 12" x 7" x 17" with three zippered compartments to carry all of your gear. Add the PortoVino Silicone Wine Cups to complete the party.
Note:  The Party pouch is a durable and resilient pouch and can be used over and over.  However, we recommend changing it after each use. If you do choose to reuse the Party Pouch, be sure to clean it properly in between use. The party pouch’s spout has a perforated closure that needs to be opened before the first use. Additional Party Pouches are available.
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