Wine Skin WineSkin Bag | 2 Pack

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Wine Skin WineSkin Bag | 2 Pack are wine skin wine bottle transport bags by WineSkin that safely and securely transport wine bottles when you travel including in checked luggage. Wine Skin WineSkin Bottle Transport Bag | 2 Pack secure 750-ml (or smaller) bottles by incorporating strong, shock-absorption materials with double sealed leak-proof confidence. With a Wine Skin wine bag you will never again worry about bottles leaking or breaking inside your luggage or during shipment. WineSkins are affordable and easy to use. Just place a wine bottle inside the WineSkin and its bubble packaging enclosure for extra cushion, tough, thick-grade vinyl exterior and adhesive double seals help keep your precious cargo intact. Used by tens of thousands of satisfied travelers worldwide. So don't leave your wine behind next time you hop on a plane. Set of 2.

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