Winestein Beer Mug Wine Glass

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The Winestein Beer Mug Wine Glass is a wine glass embedded inside a beer mug, cleverly names a Winestein. Winestein Beer Mug Wine Glass is the beer drinker's wine glass - a wine stein. The Winestein Beer Mug Wine Glass, made from insulated double walled glass, offers the best of both worlds. The Winestein helps keep its contents cool by eliminating direct contact with the inner glass, making it the perfect choice for serving chilled wine, soft drinks, beer, and other best-when-cold beverages. The Winestein, with its broad sturdy base, prevents sloshes and spills, with a smooth rim and oversized handle providing a secure way to sip and savor a drink--or toss it back with gusto. A memorable addition to a bachelor party or game-day gathering or Father's Day gift, the versatile Winestein also serves as a fun conversation starter at dinner parties or backyard barbecues. The Winestein is individually gift-boxed. So maybe all wine glasses should have handles!

The Winestein can be imprinted with a custom logo. Minimum order is 72 - Winestein Beer Mug Wine Glass with Custom Imprint