Chill out... your wine! Tips for keeping your wine cool in the summer!

Chill out... your wine! Tips for keeping your wine cool in the summer!

Posted by on Aug 9th 2018

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With the warmer months upon us, we are often faced with a quandary: How do we keep our summer entertaining wines chilled? Or even more serious, how do we quickly chill a new bottle to enjoy right away?

The first thought to pop in many minds is: ice cubes. They're great for cooling off most beverages, but many wine connoisseurs feel they will dilute the wine to the point that complex flavors will be lost. Icing the wine at an impromptu girls' gathering with a couple of bottles of inexpensive pinot might be overlooked, but definitely not with your finer bottles of wine.

We asked the question on Facebook this week: Warm wine: Ice cubes or no ice cubes? How do you cool down your non-chilled wine? We got some great answers from our Facebook fans! Read below for their tips on chilling warm wine.

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Need your wine chilled right now? 

Try one of these ideas from our Facebook fans:

  • "Wrap in wet paper towels and place in freezer 10-15 minutes. Perfect!!!"
  • "Sometimes I will put an ice cube or two in the glass, stir it a bit, and take out the ice cubes. Obviously you can't serve it at a party this way, but it works well for a Monday night wine emergency."
  • "Frozen grapes! Just like ice cubes, but they don't melt."
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    Give the Ravi Wine Chiller Wine Refresher for red wines a try. The Chiller Wine Refresher lowers the temperature of your red wines to the perfect drinking temperature. The Ravi Instant Wine Refresher | Wine Chiller is stored in the freezer and chills wine - not the bottle - as it is poured. Take the Ravi Instant Wine Chiller and Refresher out of the freezer and place it on a bottle of wine or Ravi Decanter and you will savor your wine at the right temperature in a few seconds.

    You can also use the Ravi Wine Chiller to keep already chilled whites and rosés at the perfect drinking temperature, or chill vodka as it's poured into your cocktails! 

    facebook.pngMore wine chilling tips from our Facebook fans:

  • "Shaker full of ice...shake and strain!"
  • "Add the bottle to an ice bucket full of ice, water and salt. Let sit for about half an hour."
  • And from Can wine get too cold? What you should know before chilling your wine.

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