The Ultimate Wine Accessory Gift Guide - Amazing Wine Gifts Under $50!

Posted by on Dec 13th 2018

Wine accessories under $50

Get a special wine gift for your loved ones this year. This list of 10 wine accessories makes great gifts for the folks who love wine but don't get the high-end tools and decor for themselves. Pair one of these items with a spectacular bottle of wine and you'll make an impression that will last!

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Copper Outdoor Wine Bottle Stake

Outdoor Copper Wine Bottle Stake with Wick is a copper stake that turns an empty wine bottle into an outdoor wine bottle tiki torch oil candle with its reusable wick. An attractive addition to your yard or garden, the Afterglow Wine Bottle Stake with Wick comes complete with a 5 foot copper stake that breaks down into 16" segments so the height can be adjusted. The garden stake has dual prongs at the base for stability, and includes the long lasting reusable wick and copper wine plug you need to turn your empty wine bottle into a charming outdoor candle. The Afterglow Copper Outdoor Wine Bottle Stake with Wick works with any standard sized wine bottle - just add some common torch fluid and you're all set for evening get togethers, pool parties, or romantic outdoor dinners. You can also use this outdoor wine bottle stake on a picnic, trip to the beach or backyard barbeque to hold a full bottle of wine!

Vertical Rabbit Corkscrew in Red

Vertical Rabbit Corkscrew in Gunmetal

The Vertical Rabbit Corkscrew has a lever you push down that drives the corkscrew into the cork and then you pull up to remove the cork. Another down and up of the lever and the cork pops off the corkscrew. Beginning to end, the process takes three seconds. The Vertical Rabbit Corkscrew is in a stunning candy apple red color with a chrome plated die cast metal lever. It includes an extra worm and foil cutter. This corkscrew is synthetic cork friendly. With a 10 year manufacturer warranty and the handsome permanent lucite storage case, the Metrokane Vertical Rabbit Corkscrew is ideal for gift giving.

Also available in Gunmetal!

Leather Wine Tote | Black

Leather Wine Tote | Brown

Leather Wine Bag | Black is a lightweight and very trendy black leather wine bag that holds up to a 1.5 liter wine bottle. The Enclave Leather Wine Tote is a wonderful gift idea for the wine lover in your life.Leather Wine Bag | Black holds one wine bottle and comes with a stainless steel waiter corkscrew.

Also available in brown!

Cork Insulated Wine Purse with Pour Spout

What looks like a stylish cork handbag is actually an insulted wine drink purse that can also hold the bag from most boxes of wine. Wine Purse with Pour Spout | Cork is an insulated wine purse made with cork that includes a disposable 3 liter wine bladder with a pour spout that holds up to 4 bottles of wine, turning this cork purse into a stylish, portable wine dispenser. Your little secret stays just the right temperature in your drink purse until you’re ready to party! 

Wine Picnic Backpack with Service for 2

This handsome wine picnic backpack is an insulated backpack picnic basket with deluxe wine picnic service for two. The Wine Picnic Backpack features an insulated food storage compartment, two insulated wine bottle compartments and includes 2 wine glasses, napkins, plates, knives, forks, spoons, a corkscrew, cutting board and salt and pepper shakers.

Freeze Cooling Wine Cups

With this wine glass the days of watery Chardonnay are a thing of the past. The Wine Freeze Cooling Cups | Set of Four are a set of 4 stemless acrylic wine glass cups with a cooling gel between the walls of the glass that freezes to keep your wine chilled. Perfect for all wines, just put the Wine Freeze Cooling Cups in the freezer to cool your red wines to cellar temperature or to chill white wines. 

Votive Wine Bottle Candelabra

The Wine Bottle Candelabra uses votive candles or tealights to turn your empty wine bottle into a beautiful candelabra and includes the six glass votive holders. The wine bottle candelabra will bring warm, glowing light and charm to any setting including those where an open flame is not allowed and is a great way to reuse wine bottles.

Tipsy Stemless Wine Glasses Set of 4

Which wine glass describes the tipsy you? is it Lit, Toasted, Juiced or Buzzed? The Tipsy Stemless Wine Glasses by the artisans of Susquehanna Glass are a clever gift for just the right friend. These crystal wine glasses are lead free and made in the USA, making them a safe and patriotic choice. 

Corkscrew Wine and Cheese Serving Board

The Corkscrew Wine and Cheese Serving Tray is a diagonally planked mango wood wine and cheese serving tray featuring decorative corkscrew handles. This Corkscrew Serving Board, by Mud Pie, serves your guests wine and cheese in old-world Tuscan style. This wine themed serving board is perfect for a wine tasting or a wine and cheese party and makes an elegant gift. 

Decantus Wine Aerator Set

Elevate your red wine drinking experience! Reveal the rich complexities of your favorite wines with the Decantus Wine Aerating System. The Decantus™ line of aerating products is scientifically designed to maximize flavor, aroma and smoothness. The five piece set includes:

  • Decantus Aerator
  • Base
  • Velvet storage pouch
  • Cleaning brush
  • Sediment screen