4 fool proof ways to have your wine and drink it too...

4 fool proof ways to have your wine and drink it too...

Posted by on Jan 28th 2019

...for people who only have two hands!

You're having a few friends over. Maybe you're having a BBQ with lots of smoked appetizers. Or perhaps you're having an informal get together with a simple cheese, meat and vegetable tray. Think ahead to summer and the amazing garden party you'd like to throw for the neighbors, complete with wine and a wide range of hand held nibbles. 

You want to mingle, shake hands, share stories, and look dashing and sophisticated all at the same time. And you want your guests to have the same freedom.

But you only have two hands! What to do?

4 fool proof ways to have your wine and drink it too

Sophisticated sipping

Graceful grazing

Wine glass holder necklace in purple

Appetizer plate with wine glass holder

1. Sophisticated sipping

Wine glass holder necklace set of 3

Keep your hands free for greeting dear friends, sampling divine cheeses, even vacuuming the living room (if that's your idea of a good time). The wine glass lanyard necklace is a neoprene sling with a comfortable strap that allows gravity to assist you in keeping your wine close and safe. You could even indulge in a little dancing.

You can choose wine glass necklaces in  different colors to match your outfit or party theme. You can also save a little on a 3 pack of wine glass necklaces. Maybe you and two close friends would like to hit a winery tour in style! 

You can even have the  wine glass lanyards custom printed with your business logo, wedding date details, announcements, and more. Use your imagine to thrill your customers, family, and friends with gifts!

2. Graceful grazing

Wine Glass Holder Plates Swiss Cheese

I have a glass on wine in one hand, and a plate full of food in the other. I'm walking around outside, talking to friends.. How am I supposed to pick up an aperitif, nibble it gracefully, while acting interested in my cousin talking about her perfect children? While not spilling my wine at the same time, mind you. 

Enter the appetizer plate with a built in wine glass holder. Rest the bowl of your favorite wine glass (we like these by Ravenscroft) in the slot and let the stem and base hang below the plate. While you hold the plate along with your wine glass, you'll have a free hand for greeting friends, hugging loved ones, or just even simply eating what's on the plate! You'll look super chic and put together, and feel great by being able to interact with the people around you.

There are many styles and colors of appetizer plates to choose from, so you can work with theme if you like. You can even choose appetizer plates with a holiday theme.

Cutting edge clip

Sitting and sampling

Wine Glass Plate Clips

Wine Glass Holder for a Chair | Wine Hook

3. Cutting edge clip

Wine glass plate clips

You have plates, you have glasses, how do you get the two together?

With a wine glass plate clip you can use what you have to make a party come together. 

"I had a mix-and-mingle style wedding reception, and these were PERFECT for keeping a hand free to eat." -Stephanie K.

These are great to have on hand for those impromptu gatherings where you need to bring people together with short notice, but want everyone to be comfortable (and yourself to be less stressed with small details). They'll take up little space in your wine cupboard, it's worth keeping a couple of sets on hand!

4. Sitting and sampling

Wine glass holder for a chairFinally, why be in a rush at all? Why have a house full of people? You don't need to have a houseful of guests to enjoy your glass of wine. Have a seat: outside by the pool, by the firepit, on the beach, in the yard. Rediscover the lost art of sitting and doing nothing. Except drinking wine, of course. Hold court over the universe, or let the world roll by. You've got your wine - everything will be fine.

Wherever there is wine, there should also be food - and vice versa. Be creative with how you approach the problem of sipping and snacking! After all, we only have two hands. Make the most of them!