National Pet Day - Wine Accessories for Pet Lovers!

National Pet Day - Wine Accessories for Pet Lovers!

Posted by on Apr 11th 2019

National Pet Day is April 11! Although we might argue that every day is pet day, with how these darlings steal our hearts. How do you celebrate your pets? 


Dogs are loving, sweet, attentive, goofy, and always up for being with their buddy. It's like that say - "It's not drinking alone if the dog is home".



Dogs life wine charms



Cats are loving, sweet, attentive... oh wait, that's a dog. Truthfully, cats are wonderful and loving in their aloof way. They make terrific companions and have amazing personalities. And while science is trying to prove that cats have a deeper understanding of human communications, cat owners have known for hundreds (perhaps thousands) of years that this is true. Turns out they are just ignoring us.

Cat cork holder

Cat wine bottle holder

Black cat stemless wine glass


Pets come in all shapes and sizes. We celebrate like to celebrate the pets that are important to you! 

Horse wine charm set

Fish cork cage holder

Turtle cork cage holder

Pewter wine bottle coaster and cork bird set

Hand painted frog wine glass

Buds and bugs garden wine charms